Machining Services and Capabilities

Our CNC Machine Tools

CNC Milling
Daewoo VMC4020 VMC4020
Our Daewoo Vertical maching center has 20 X 40 inch table travels and 20" verticle clearance. Rencently equipped with a fully integrated fourth axis we now have the capability to do cylindrical radius milling on cams or similiar products. Coupled with our "Bobcat" software we can meet most of your machining requirements
Daewoo VMC3016 VMC3016
Our Daewoo Vertical maching center has 16 x 30 inch table travels and 15" verticle clearance. Utilizing the same programs as the Daewoo 4020 Vmc allows us ignificant extra capacity and flexibility within the evelope of 16x30x15. Coupled with our "Bobcat" software we can meet most of your machining requirements.
CNC Turning/Auto sawing
Okuma Cadet CNC lathe Okuma Cadet Turning Center
Our Okuma Cadet CNC lathe has 12 tool stations, a 10 inch diameter turning and 12 inch turning betwwen centers capability. With a spindle hole of 2.6 inches this gives us the capability to do larger diameter bar work or longer cylinder bodies
Hardinge CNC lathe Hardinge CNC Turning Center
Our Hardinge CNC lathe has 8 tool stations, a 1.06 inch diameter bar capability. Equipped with a pneumatic bar feeder the Hardinge makes a excellent platform for small and medium runs (100 - 10,000 pieces), of precision parts at competitive prices.
ACRA Auto Saw ACRA Auto Saw
The ACRA auto saw give us the capability of continuos cutting of specified length with the option of bundle cutting

Our Manual Machine Tools

Manual Services
LeBlond gap bed lathe LeBlond Gap Bed Lathe
The Leblond sliding gap bed lathe has th capability of turning operations on shafts and rollers up to 10 feet in length, while also be capable of doing chuck work up to 40 inched in Diameter. We utilize the LeBlond for precision turning and boring operations on rollers, larger weldments and casting for a variety of customers.
Vertical Shaper Pratt and Whitney Vertical Shaper
The Vertical shaper is primarily used to generate internal keyways in large components. A 12 inch stroke and an 18 inch integral rotary table gives the shaper significant work size capacity. The shaper be utilized to generate a large variety of internal shapes other than keyways.